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[icon] RPG Maker 2 for PS2
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Subject:Badoo знакомства
Time:08:14 am
badoo знакомстваbadoo знакомства

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никах знакомства табор знакомства

Subject:Из рук в руки знакомства
Time:06:46 am
из рук в руки знакомстваиз рук в руки знакомства

весь дмитров каталог бесплатных объявлений и рекламы
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meendo знакомства видео форум знакомств

Time:04:27 am
I'm not strong at religion but I know what we must "Prey" to! Did anybody play this game? I know that nobody. There will be armageddon in the supermarkets... http://game-era.com/preview/id/10
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Subject:In need of mapmakers...
Time:05:27 pm
Hey everyone! I am part of the RPG making staff for an RPG called "Road to Talis"

We are in desperate need of some mapmakers.

Would anyone here be interested?

If so, e-mail me at indigo_the_cat@hotmail.com


e-mail my project manager at kunou_zagato@hotmail.com

Also, please reply to this ad so that I know where we found you.

Thanks for your time!
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Subject:Transferring memory card data to PC
Time:01:08 am
Do any of you here use a device like Max Drive to transfer RPG Maker 2 data to your hard drive? How about using a DexDrive with RPG Maker 1 data? Sounds useful to post your games online for download. You can buy those things from lik-sang.com, btw. I'll have to get them too.
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Time:12:16 pm
i am at school. an hour drive from my house.
i've been up about 16 hours now. kinda tired.
the RPG Maker 1 game is getting close to finished.
i have about 33 hours into it.

i only need to create the story events.
pretty much. the people...shops.. treasure chests...and tweak the enemie and character stats so they grpw and mesh properly.

i've put in 11 hours in 2 days.

no one reads this.
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Subject:greetings to myself.
Time:03:21 am
i bought RPGM2 not too many days ago.
there are things i'm dissappointed in, but it will be an improvement over the last installation.

my RPGM1 game is coming along slowly still.
the world is all made. i need to set monster stats, create treasure events, populate with other non-story events and people, then on to the hard part of linking up crucial story events.

I've been playing the RPGM2 demo game recently. it has to be beat to unlock a code to be able to edit the data, and see how they did things. which is dumb.

supernoodle & I have been playing FFMQ, actraiser, and Illusion of gaia
it for now. talliho
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Current Music:brandtson-letterbox
Subject:release changed again.
Time:03:37 pm
ok. so when did the release date get moved AGAIN to the 28th?
it's been delayed almost a whole year now.
stupid ...stuff..thing..peoples.
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Current Music:brandnew-yourfavoriteweapon
Time:01:28 pm
so RPGM2 comes out today. but i cannot get it until i get my student loan.
plus i am also still working on a game on #1.
most of the "land" is done. then i can fill in with items, weapons, monsters, everything but the scenario's story. and then...the story.

i should get on that. it will be cool.
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Subject:open for business
Time:04:05 am
potion 10
ether 20
x potion 50
gold armor 150

here we are. plain looking. if anyone stumbles upon this and wishes to take the task of making it look pretty hit me up.
so i'll say that i only have 1 game saved which is just an excuse for inside jokes about my band.
i'm making 1 more short game before #2 comes out. then i'll be making something BIG.
eventually maybe i'll advertise this community. for now we'll see what happens.
talli ho!
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[icon] RPG Maker 2 for PS2
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.